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Thank you for joining me, let me tell you more about HIVE x. Step into a world of possibilities at HIVE x, where I invite you to join me on a journey of gaining knowledge with neurodiversity training and coaching. As the visionary founder, I bring a personal touch to our offerings. Diagnosed with ADHD combined type in 2012, my own experiences have driven me to create a space that empowers neurodivergent individuals. I don't just research neurodiversity and the many wonderous traits we have, I FEEL the difference between us and the neurotypical-based society we live in. I've walked the path, working as a 911 dispatcher, an EMT-B, and now pursuing a Doctoral degree in Forensic Psychology. I CRAVE knowledge, and I spend close to 4 hours a day expanding my understanding of so many psychological topics. This journey has fueled my passion for understanding and embracing neurodiversity, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you.

Unlock your potential through my 12-week programs. For parents, my meticulously crafted program offers 4 psychoeducation videos weekly covering a variety of evidence based information. This program includes a vibrant online community, and engaging live webinars. Join me and the HIVE x community today—connect with like-minded individuals, embrace the power of knowledge, and embark on a transformative path toward understanding and growth.

Do you feel like you may not need a community or my availability with unique feedback for your questions? That is totally fine too! For a lower price, you can have access to the videos only as long as you are in the program. 

With my personal dedication to your growth in learning this valuable information, I have limited availability to the full program to only 10 students in each 12 week program. Once this is full, the video only portion will be available to start your journey. If the interactive program is full, simply send a message using the contact form below with the title "Waitlist" and I will contact you when my services open again. Together, let's explore the remarkable world of neurodiversity, one step at a time. Welcome to HIVE x—a place where growth and understanding intertwine to create a symphony of empowerment. 

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