The mission of HIVE x is to provide information, support, and clarity to those that struggle with the many traits of neurodiversity. 

The vision of HIVE x is to create an organization of modules that can be applicable to all age groups, offering consulting services to organizations on how to embrace these traits for success. 

Debra Abbey is a neurodiversity advocate with experience working in crisis response with the acutely mentally ill, in an intensive out patient setting, working as a coach for a national telehealth corporation, in outpatient therapy, and in a school based center providing treatment to middle school aged children and families. She has worked as a 911 dispatcher, EMT-B, and a paralegal. She is currently a licensed therapist, and an ADHD specialist. 

In her free time she is in the prospectus phase of her doctoral program studying forensic psychology. 

Deb dedicates time every day continuing her education on the many beautiful differences those with neurodiverse traits experience. Diagnosed with ADHD in 2012, her own personal journey fuels her passion for empowering neurodivergent individuals, reaching a global level of providing information, and inspiring societal change on the outlook of these unique human advantages. She has completed specialized training from experts in the ADHD field including Dr. Russell Barkley and Dr. David Nowell along with ADHD expert, leading educator/trainer in ADHD: Cindy Goldrich.

Deb considers her education and continued learning to be the most exciting part of her day. She has a habit every morning to enjoy studying the collective works focused on the most recent information on stress, disease, neurodiversity, adverse childhood experiences, and how this all relates to the human body as noted by mental health advocate Dr. Gabor Mate, trauma expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, relationship focused Dr. Lori Gottlieb, and bioengineering psychiatrist Dr. Karl Deisseroth and the innovative Internal Family Systems founder Dr. Richard Schwartz. Her spiritual nature is one of finding joyful energies and choosing love over fear, as taught by best selling spiritual healer, Gabrielle Bernstein

Deb considers herself to be dedicated to a lifetime of learning, and feels inspired to reach a global population to help society better understand themselves, how life can twist and turn, and how to make the best of every moment, every opportunity. 

HIVE x is a hub of neurodiversity training and mentoring, offering specialized 12-week programs for personal and professional growth. My services encompass self-awareness, self-care, and fostering well-being for neurodivergent individuals, and parents.

No, I am not an ADHD coach. I am not affiliated with any coaching program, and I do not have training as a coach. I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Connecticut, and an Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Certified Clinical Services Provider. Although I am a licensed therapist, this mentorship program for parents is not offering therapeutic or coaching services because there are no indvidual sessions offered. Although I will answer questions around relating the material to your circumstances, this program is not individually designed to assist you personally. It is informative neurodiversity training and mentoring, empowering individuals to enhance self-awareness, navigate challenges, and embrace the unique strengths of their children. Disclaimers and informed consent are provided, and I am required to act upon all ethical obligations as a counselor within contact with any person I engage with. 

Although you will have intellectual gain from my clinical and therapeutic experiences:

I will not be providing you with individual therapy or coaching sessions.

I will not be providing assessments to determine your personal needs.

I will not be providing any analysis of diagnosis.

I will not be providing any form of a treatment plan. 

I am not engaging any any form of therapeutic interventions for you or your child. 

It is imperative that you read the informed consent and disclaimers before proceeding into the program.

Absolutely! My meticulously crafted 12-week program for parents provides education, online community interaction, and live webinars. It equips parents with tools to understand and support neurodivergent children, fostering a nurturing and informed environment.

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What is neurodiversity? 

Scattered Minds, Dr. Gabor Mate 

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