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Do you work in the public safety or in the federal or municipal training industry? How about administration in a public safety environment?
If you aren’t talking about proactive stress management with your peer recovery team, you need to be. Research is indicating that agencies need to implement wellness training programs at the organizational level.

This option is a program review, program writing will be available at an additional cost. 

If you aren’t talking about polyvagal theory, you need to be. This is my forte. I can help.

I offer consulting and program development for Peer Recovery Teams, EMT initial or refresher courses, 911 dispatcher training, corrections and prison staff, stress, coping, and law enforcement wellness.

Need a second set of eyes - or updated research added to your already developed mental health training materials? Contact me for pricing to proofread and provide feedback. Let's work together to ensure the best mental health training for all.
I bring the perspective of a 20 year veteran working in dispatch and nearly 15 years as a licensed EMT. In my second career as a psychotherapist, I have worked in crisis response on a mobile crisis team, I am CIT certified with CABLE. I have since worked with acutely mentally ill, in the outpatient setting treating adults, children, and working with families. My PhD journey is reaching dissertation phase as I have entered my prospectus course, my specialization in forensic psychology is focused on crisis response.

$500.00 Per Program Section Review

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