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Strength Focused ADHD Parenting Workshop

The course instructor works in a school with children as an ADHD specialist.

This custom made workshop includes: 

12 Weeks of Educational Videos 

12 Weeks of Live QA sessions with an ADHD certified clinical services provider

12 Weeks of Access to Peers in ADHD Parenting Community

Full Access to a Custom Made Workbook, 30 pages in the first two weeks!

Let me help you understand yourself and your child better.

Here is a message from the instructor: 

As a parent, I understand the complexities and joys that come with raising children. I have also dedicated my life to learning accurate information about neurodiversity, integrating my life experience to my professional experiences. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce you to a truly special service that I have worked SO hard to accumulate—a service designed to equip you with essential tools and guidance, enabling you to navigate the intricate path of parenthood with confidence.

My meticulously crafted 12-week e-learning workshop is tailored to meet your unique needs as a parent, ensuring that you experience maximum effectiveness and enjoy results that will last a lifetime.

What sets this workshop apart? It's the seamless integration of three key components: up to 4 weekly informational videos with a custom made in depth interactive workbook (printable or shipped to you at an additional low cost), an engaging online peer support community forum, and twice-weekly webinar Q&A sessions—all personally led by me, your content creator and parenting enthusiast.

With each passing week, you'll have access to enlightening videos with visual aids that offer practical insights and strategies to enhance your parenting methods. These videos are designed to be easily digestible, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.

In our vibrant online community forum, you'll find a space to connect with fellow parents, share experiences, and find the support you need. It's a place where bonds are formed, and the journey of parenthood is embraced collectively.

But the interaction doesn't stop there. Through our twice-weekly webinar Q&A sessions, I am here to address your questions, provide my unique interpretation of neurodiverse traits, and create an environment where you can connect with other like-minded parents who share similar experiences. No personal information is needed to participate! All parents use user names and disclose only the information they want to share. 

By immersing yourself in my 12-week program for parents, you're not just gaining knowledge—you're joining a community, a network of individuals who are dedicated to personal growth and nurturing their families in the most meaningful ways.

Don't hesitate any longer to unlock the full potential of your parenting journey. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a transformational path. Join my program today, and together, let's take the first step towards becoming the best parent you can be. Your journey starts here, and I am excited to walk this path alongside you, as your mentor and workshop leader.

12 Week Program with Support!

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